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Web Business: Putting Customers Ahead Of  Optimisation

Welcome everybody. I'm Jan, and I have spent the past five years building up my web business. Whilst it has many rewards and challenges, my biggest hurdle has always been online marketing and constantly keeping up with changes. From keyword analysis to quality landing pages, I have learnt many tricks of the trade that are necessary to promote a business over the Internet. Just to make things exciting, the web and its search engines are constantly changing, so I am always developing new strategies. I have also learnt that optimisation is just one small component of online marketing. The basic premise of providing quality service and meeting customer needs still applies to Internet businesses. I find that many online marketers forget this rule. My blog should provide food for thought to amateur and professional online marketers alike. Please search through these pages and I wish you well in your endeavours.

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Web Business: Putting Customers Ahead Of Optimisation

How To Build A Better Business Blog

by Alexis Perez

When it comes to successful online marketing, few things are as effective at drawing visitors to your website as a great blog.  Managing and updating your business blog is a very important website maintenance task that should form part of your weekly, if not daily, routine.

Here's how to build a great business blog that will keep pulling traffic through your website day-in, day-out.

Play to your crowd

The first thing to do is identify your audience so that you can focus the content of your blog correctly for maximum impact.  Look closely at your existing client base.  You know that they're already interested in your business, and the chances are that their friends and contacts will be too.  These are the site visitors who are most likely to be looking for offers, promotions and new product launches, so aim to fill your blog with content that they will be interested in and that will keep them coming back.

Search Engine Optimisation

Great SEO is no longer about stuffing your blog content with keywords and hoping that this will somehow rocket your site to the top of the Google page rankings.  An effective strategy to use when revamping your blog is to ask your suppliers, vendors and industry contacts to share links to your site.  It's these backlinks to other high ranking sites that help to form a network and pull your site higher up the page rankings.

Communication is a two-way street

When overhauling your current blog, make sure that you use a platform that enables visitors to leave comments and feedback.  People always have an opinion that they're keen to share, and developing an active community via your blog is a great way of building client loyalty and generating extra business. 

Keep it fresh

People will quickly stop visiting your blog if the content becomes stale and old.  Either make the time to update it yourself with trending news and interesting articles, or use one of the many content providers or freelancers out there on the net to update it for you.

Make yourself an expert

Visitors will come to your blog primarily in search of information pertaining to the industry you are in.  Be ready to share your knowledge and experience with them, and always be totally honest when reviewing new products, including your own.  Your clients will respect and trust your expertise if they know that you're totally honest and that you don't just 'big-up' a product just to get a sale.

Looks are everything

With technology advancing all the time, there's no excuse for not having a website and blog that look smart and are easy to navigate.  Great graphics are essential when it comes to grabbing visitor interest and make a good shop window for your products and services too.  You could either revamp your site yourself, or hire a professional web designer to customise it for you. 

Social media savvy

These days, almost every online business and individual customer has some sort of social media presence.  You can exploit this by including plug-ins on your blog that provide sharing buttons to all the most popular social media platforms and networking sites.  Make sure you regularly update your blog to include any new platforms that appear. 

In conclusion

A vibrant and busy business blog is a crucial element of every business website.  Visitors will use it to keep abreast of industry news, read interesting articles, keep up with any gossip that's happening through the comments area, and maybe make a purchase while they're there. 

Make overhauling your blog a part of your regular website maintenance routine and you'll see your online business go from strength to strength.